WEBSITE SCHEME OF P.M.T. Trading Sp. z o.o.

  1. Dairy Review - February 2010
    "The influence of transglutaminase on the production process, expenditure and quality of cottage cheese."
  2. Dairy Review - May 2010
    "Yogurt with the addition of Sapron TG1Y transglutaminase enzyme preparation."
  3. International Dairy Journal - February 2012
    "Physiological effects of the dietary application of quark produced with enzyme transglutaminase
    as a sole protein source in growing rats."
  4. European Congress on Food, St. Petersburg - 22-24 April 2012
    "Reduction of allergenic properties of milk proteins supported by tests with the use of IgE antibodies." (Baranowska M. Bohdziewicz K.)
  5. Dairy Forum - July 2014
    "New patents of P.M.T. Trading Sp. z o.o. and the University of Warmia and Mazury."
  6. Bakery and Confectionery Review - December 2014
    "A breakthrough in the baking of French bread. Use of Polselvia."
  7. Bakery and Confectionery Review - January 2016
    "Transglutaminase. How to take advantage of the enzyme's benefits in baking."
  8. Polish Society of Food Technologists - 2016
    "Effect of transglutaminase on the specific volume and porosity of the crumb of gluten-free bread buckwheat."
  9. Agris Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations – Short Report - 2016
    "Effect of Microbial Transglutaminase on Ice Cream Heat Resistance Propeties."
  10. Industry Champion - April 2017
    "Bread production patents."
  11. Business Dairy Forum - No. 4/2017 December 2017
    "Invention - it pays off." (Joanna Dziubińska - Patent Attorney)
  12. Business Dairy Forum - No. 4/2017 December 2017
    "Transglutaminase in dairy products." (professor -Małgorzata Ziarno, doctor engeneer -Dorota Zaręba)
  13. Federation of Trade Unions of Dairy Workers in Poland - March 2018
    "Transglutaminase in dairy products."
  14. Food. Science. Technology. Quality. - January 2020
    "Effect of transglutaminase on the specific volume and porosity of low gluten-free crumb gluten content."
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