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The conducted research on food products produced with the use of the enzyme transglutaminase indisputably confirmed their pro-health effect on the human body and have been published:
  • Increasing the nutritional value proved in in-vivo tests (Juskiewicz J., Zduńczyk Z., Bohdziewicz K., Baranowska M., Physiological effects of the dietary application of quark produced with enzyme transglutaminase as a sole protein source in growing rats. International Dairy Jornal 2012, 26, 155-161),
  • Reduction in the allergenic properties of milk proteins supported by tests using IgE antibodies. (Baranowska M., Bohdziewicz K., Effect of transglutaminase on allergenic properties of milk proteins. NEFood - 1 st North European Congress on Food, St Petersburg, April 22-24, 2012.93
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